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Sri Purusottama Masa

As from 15th April (Thursday) to 14th May (Friday) was the very auspicious month of Sri Purusottama Masa.  Previously many people considered this month abominable and gave it the name Mal-Masa (impure month) and never performed any auspicious activities in this month. The personification of the month explained his dilemma to Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna’s heart melted and said “Just as I am celebrated by the name Purusottama, this Adimasa will also be known as Purusottama. I offer all My qualities to this month. From now on the month is the most worshipable.”
Devotees usually perform pilgrimage of Sri Pursottama Dham (Sri Jagannatha Puri) during this month and discuss the glories of Lord Jagannatha.


Activities of this Month

Daily offering diya (lamp) to the Deities
Daily offering circumbulating Tulasi Devi and offer water to her
Daily reciting:
*  Srimad Bhagavatam 10 Canto Chapter 14 Lord Brahma’s prayers to Sri Krsna
 Brahmas Prayers 10.14
*  Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Purusottama Yoga – The Yoga of the Supreme Person
Bhagavat-Gita Chapter 15
*  Reciting Sri Jagannatha astakam
 Jagannatha Astakam

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