Album #27: Ramai Swami’s Kirtana

Date:  17th April 2011 (Sunday, 4pm-6pm)

A two hour non-stop ecstatic sankirtana with Ramai Swami Maharaj was held at 1st Avenue, Masonic Hall in Burleigh Heads.   He chant a selection of Ancient Meditation Mantras backed by Eastern and Western musical instruments. During the program, he also discussed the inner meaning of the mantras and how they effect the Body, Mind and Spirit.  The Mridanga was very beautifully played by Jamalarjuna Das. 

The event was sponsored by the Benson Family & Mohit Dhawan Family of Gold Coast, and the delicious Mega-Feast of Curd Subji, Cashew Rice, Dhal Lentils, Pakoras, Halava, Creamed Rice Pudding, Custard, Gulab Jamun and Lemon-Mint Drink was prepared by Devotee Chef, Keshava Prabhu (Madhu Manning) of Govindas Veg-O-Rama Restaurant of Surfers Paradise.  Rebecca Bowen from Multicultural Families Organisation Inc. (MFO) and Permaculture Organic Gardens also attended the program and enjoyed Ramai Swami’s Spiritual Music.  She also made donations in kind of raw organic veges, herbs, lemon grass tea to Ramai Swami & Bhishma Das for Govindas Prasadam cooking.  All assembled Devotees and Guests had a blissful Electric Kirtan & Dance evening!  For future program enquiries or event sponsorship, please contact Jamal Das on 0402722008 for details.  Hare Krishna!


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