Album #26: Madhava’s Kirtan

Date:  16th March 2011

Kirtan Australia presented MADHAVA and His Yoga Kirtan Band direct from Switzerland on the Australian leg of His world tour.  Ancient Sanskrit Mantras accompanied by Eastern and Western Instruments.

Madhava’s Kirtan at Bhakti Centre:

This year, the Madhava’s Kirtan Tour performed at various locations around Australia and the program was also held at the Masonic Hall in Burleigh Heads on Sunday 13th March 2011 and at Bhakti Centre in Surfers Paradise on Wednesday 16th March 2011.  The local Devotees sponsored the event to cover for Madhava’s Tour costs. 

The “Ekadashi Feast” was sponsored by Govinda’s Restaurant of Surfers Paradise.  All Devotees had a wonderful time and Darshan of the Lord Krsna.

Many thanks to all generous sponsors for this Event.  We acknowledge the following Devotees who sponsored the Madhava’s Kirtan at Bhakti Centre:

1) Lokesh Prabhu – $80
2) Mohit Prabhu & Friends – $200
3) Michael Prabhu (Coomera) – $50
4) Rahul Prabhu – $15
5) Manisha Devi – $50
6) Adhvaita Prabhu – $50
7) Gagan Devi – $50 
8) Anju Devi – $20
9) Puneet Prabhu- $108 (Monthly Donation since June 2010)
10) Manish Prabhu – $50
11) Shyam Prabhu & Pranathi Devi – $50
12) Home Sankirtan Devotees (Lokesh Das residence) – $25

Total Funds Raised: $748.00

PhotographyLokesh Das

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