Album #21: Damodara Maas 2010

Date:  24th October 2010

Glories of Kartik – The Holiest Month

The auspicious Kartik Month begins on 24th October and end on 21st November 2010.   Devotees recite the Damodar Astaka and perform Arati daily to Lord Krishna.  The Devotees also offer Candles and sing Damodarastaka every Wednesday & Saturday at the Temple. 

Kartik is the holiest month in the Vaishnava Lunar Calendar.  It usually overlaps with the months October & November in the English calendar. Kartik Maas, also known as Damodar Maas, is described in the scriptures as the best among months for performing austerities.   Lord Shri Krishna says, “Of all plants, the sacred Tulasi is most dear to Me; of all months, Kartik is most dear, of all places of pilgrimage, My beloved Dwarka is most dear, and of all days, Ekadashi is most dear.” (Padma Purana, Uttara Khand 112.3)   Kartik or the festival of offering lamps to Lord Krishna, glorifies Lord Krishna’s pastime of being bound with ropes by Mother Yashoda. Observing vrata in the month of Kartik is glorified in the Puranas.   “As Sat-yuga is the best of yugas (ages), as the Vedas are the best among scriptures, as Ganga is best of rivers, so Kartik is the best of months, the most dear to Lord Krishna.” (Skanda Purana)  

This vrata begins on 24th Oct (this year, 2010), and one may observe the following foremost activities throughout the entire month of Kartik:

Japa – chanting the holy names of the Lord.
*  Worship the Lord by offering ghee lamps (diyas), flowers, incense, food, etc.
*  Practice brahmacharya – celibacy.
*  Worship of Tulasi Devi.
*  Give charity.
*  Perform austerities.


Srimati Radharani, in all Her splendor

The Kartik vrata is also known as Urjja vrata, referring to Srimati Radharani as the true focus of the month’s devotions. Lord Krsna’s month Margasirsha is the month that follows Kartik, much as Lord Krsna’s name is always mentioned after Srimati Radharani’s…

Sri Damodara Lila ki Jai!

Sri Urjjesvari Srimati Radharani ki Jai!

The month of Kartika is the best of all months, and it is in this month that many special festivals like Dhan-Teras, Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Duj, Tulsi Vivaah and various others take place.

Damodarastakam (with Translations, contributed by Dhiraj Nauhbar Das – Mumbai India).

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