Program Timetable

Weekly Temple Events

The DARSHAN times at the Bhakti Centre on Wednesdays and Saturdays is between 6.30PM to 8.30PM.  Please come on time so you can benefit from the full program.  The timetable for the class is as follows:

6:30 PM   –   Meditational Chanting

6:15 PM   –   Tulasi Arati / Bhajans

7:00 PM   –   Bhagavad-Gita Discourse,  Q & A or Slide Shows

7:30 PM   –   Gaura Arati (Wednesdays) / Guru Vandana (Saturdays)


                           Narsimha Prayer

8:30 PM    –   Announcements & Thanks Giving

                           Prashadam (Vegetarian Feast)

9:00 PM    –   Temple Closed for Cleaning

Meditation Evening

“One should be more humble than a blade of grass, more tolerance than a tree.  In such a state of mind one can chant the Holy Name constantly” – Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

The KIRTAN at the Bhakti Centre is held every Monday Evenings between 6.30PM to 9.00PM.  The timetable for the class is as follows:

6:30 PM   –   Transcendental Meditational Chanting

7:00 PM   –   Tulasi Arati / Bhajans

8:00 PM   –   Chanting of the Holy Name of Krsna

8:30 PM    –   Prashadam (Light Vegetarian Refreshment)

Thank you for your co-operation.