Kids Club

GOPALA’S Lounge Room

At Bhakti Centre Gold Coast, we welcome children of all age groups to participate in the programs and learn more about “Lord Krsna” and his pastimes through fun activities. 

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You may also setup your inhouse “Gopala’s” play area for your little devotees for hours of fun and enjoyment!  Childrens animation DVD’s, Story Books and Comics are also available at many ISKCON Gift Shops.

Kids Coloring

Kids Coloring – Madhava Krsna

Kids Coloring – Krsna A4

Kids Coloring – Haribol Monkey

Others Kids Activities

“In his childhood Parikshit Maharaj was playing with Radha Krishna.  That is the advantage of getting birth in a Vaishnava family.  Just like some of our children are playing with Jagannath and with Radha-Krishna.  Sarasvati, Shymasunder’s daughter, offers arati and brings the lamp to me, and I accept it.  Learning is required.  Just as the mother is offering obeisances, so the child is doing.  We used to do that.  We got this opportunity of a good father and mother and were trained up.  Similarly, you can also train your children.  Then your becoming father and mother is perfect” – Srila Prabhupada


Kids Word Search

Kids Nimai Crossword

Kids Gita Quiz

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