Gift Shop

Welcome to the “Bhakti Centre” Gift Store.  You’ll find books by world renowned, devotional scholar His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and other items to assist in your spiritual quest.


Media  Book Stall

Bhagavat Gita As-It-Is @ $10.00 (Hard Cover)
Bhagavat Gita As-It-Is @ $5.00 (Soft Cover)
Higher Taste Recipes @ $6.00
And many more items….


Apparel Shop

Women’s Clothing – Saree, Gopi Suits, Blouses, Dupattas, Bags
Men’s Clothing – Kurta Pyjama, Dhoti, T-shirts, Chadars
Kid’s Clothing – Boys Kurta & Instant Dhoti, T-shirts, Girls Choli
Jewelry – Necklace, Earings, Bangles, Bindis


Home Worship

Arts – Posters, Photographs, Fine Art, Statues & Murtis, Figurines, Postcards
Home – Vaishnava Calendars, Incense, Perfumes, Candles



Chanting – Japa Beads, Counter Beads, Bead Bags


Vaishnava Neckbeads

Short Small Tulsi Beads  @ $4.00
Short Large Tulsi Beads  @ $4.00
Large Small Tulsi Beads @ $5.00
Long Tulsi Beads              @ $8.00


Please contact Radha Devi Dasi at Bhakti Centre to arrange for purchase of any of the above devotional products.